Offering creative solutions for relationship, career and life challenges. For both savvy singles, and committed couples. Specializing in communication styles and expanded awareness.

The Mate Doctor is dedicated to making a difference….  

My Mission is to:     Bless, Forward & Inspire Conscious Love Relationships

Q.  What do you need to have better or different to have love thrive and inspire you?

Q.  Are you single?

Q.  Are you ready to meet that special someone or soul mate?

Q.  Is Relationship Mentoring needed in your current relationship?


I work with men and women to learn the empowering skills of meaningful communication on all levels, energetic fields are just as important as the selected words we choose.  

Q.  What would need to change in order for you to create your “dream relationship”.

Consider some new ideas to move you forward in your quest to “Love the Life you Live”.

Education is the key to mastering anything we want to experience.  Relationships are no different, it requires us to learn about ourselves first and then others far beyond what our culture has told us we need to know.  Relationships are not automatic, rather they are learned and developed.  Learning to identify your own dis-empowering patterns that sabotage your dreams and desires for relationships can be unlearned and your goals can be reached.  

                          Create a partnership you Love and that Loves You!